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Are there really secrets to writing hit songs?

Are there really secrets to writing hit songs?

The Hit Songwriting FormulaOne popular question amongst new songwriters is, “Are there really secrets to writing hit songs?”. Many seem to think so, and when this question was posed to Jae London (co-developer of The Hit Songwriting Formula), his brilliant response shocked the world and could possibly change how we all view our approach to writing a hit song.

As Jae simply put it, “Songwriters don’t just sit down and write hit songs. Every hit song was originally just written as a great song but only became a hit song after an extensive marketing plan that includes heavy rotation.”

So can it be said that there are secrets to writing hit songs, if we are teaching these secrets openly to everyone? Those ‘secrets’ aren’t secret anymore. We prefer to label our tricks of the trade as ‘formulas’, and The Hit Songwriting Formula is a course that every songwriter can probably relate to.

So…Are there really secrets to writing hit songs?

Let’s take it one step further.  Some successful songwriters believe in superstition or Karma to write great songs. They believed that their secret to writing a hit song was due to using a lucky pen or wearing a particular color when writing. Some writers favored certain locations or particular studios to spark their creativity.

But thankfully we have developed better teaching strategies and methods that are proven to improve your songwriting skills easily and proactively. A better way of writing great songs with hit potential isn’t a secret anymore, it is finally revealed in The Hit Songwriting Formula.

We hope this article helps to clear up any misconceptions on the art and cratf of songwriting, writing great songs, writing hit songs and the secrets to writing hit songs.  It all comes down to “you” the songwriter and just how much time and effort you put into developing your formula.

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