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A detailed video crash course in writing great songs has emerged. Songwriters and poets can now structure their material as chart topping hit songs. The Hit Songwriting Formula was created and developed by Jae London and Darryl Ray - an independent songwriting/producing team with over 50 combined years of experience. All levels of songwriting are covered from beginner to pro, touching various subjects and methods. From start to finish the course teaches a winning formula that’s broken down into elements of short and easy to follow lessons.

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Gene Simmons: 'Sorry for calling Prince's death pathetic'

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Kiss star Gene Simmons has taken back comments he made about Prince’s death….

Letter to Emerging Songwriters From a Songwriting Coach

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James Linderman is one of the passionate coaches who helped nurture our 120+ community of songwriters who participated in this year’s S.A.C. Songwriting & Blogging Challenge.  As the challenge wrapped up he summarized some words of wisdom which he has agreed to share with us here.  Thanks to <a href="…

Ep.51 NaNoWriMo, Songwriting and Reading the Classics w/ Brett Randell

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Brett Randell and I met several years ago at a songwriting workshop and funny enough, I had no idea he wrote novels until we talked about him being on the show. I really enjoy his songwriting and it was great to hear about his book and story writing as well.

We talk about NaNoWriMo, which for those of you who aren’t familiar stands for National Novel Writing Month, where thousands of writers from around the world commit to writing 50,000 words in 30 days. Brett is currently writing 1750 words a day and we talk about how he’s doing that and how he balances a careers as a musician with his writing.

The song in the introduction is one of Brett’s and throughout the episode I’ll be playing songs from his new album which I’ll link to in the show notes, He’ll also be playing a segment of one of his new songs live in the middle of the episode.


Brett’s new album “Rise” on iTunes
Daily Rituals by Mason Currey

Taylor Swift takes home namesake gong at BMI Pop Awards

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Taylor Swift accepted her namesake award and took home the gong for Pop Songwriter of the Year in a hugely successful evening at the BMI Pop Awards on Tuesday night (10May16).

Lessons Learned Writing One Article Per Week in 2015 & Show Updates

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I’m back after a short break. This is a mini-episode where I talk about some lessons learned from successfully blogging once a week for all of 2015 and more.