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Events: Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival: Manchester, TN

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Bonnaroo 2017, slated for June 8-11, in Manchester, Tennessee.

Watch What Happens When A Car Pumping Vengaboys Pulls Up In A British Street

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When the Vengabus is coming, you better be ready to hop aboard and this street of Brits were ready to do exactly that when a car pulled up pumping Vengaboys‘ ‘Boom Boom Boom Boom’.

A video has surfaced online, that’s also been shared by the band themselves, of a car driving through British streets pumping the infectious tune and the reactions are pretty priceless.

Almost everyone they drive past fist-pumps to the song and when they finally pull up they have the entire street dancing with a crowd of people gathering around the car.

The tune basically starts an impromptu street party with one man even hopping up on the hood of the car when the excitement all gets too much.

Vengaboys shared the video writing, “WE <3 THIS!"

And so they should. It's incredible that almost two decades after this song was released it still has this sort of impact on people.

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Stephen Belafonte's bid for spousal support delayed

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Stephen Belafonte has also asked for the location of his supervised visits to be changed.

The Smith Street Band Got Stuck In A Lift And Live Tweeted It

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The Smith Street Band have had a pretty eventful night by the sounds of it, getting stuck in a lift in Perth.

The band are currently in Perth on tour but while they were going up to their Best Western hotel they all got stuck in the lift and live tweeted it because no one was coming to rescue them.

They accused the hotel staff of being “RUDE AND DISMISSIVE” and then started a hashtag #SAVETHESMITHIES.

The whole ordeal was over in less than an hour but it gave us plenty of funny Twitter fodder so in a way they suffered for our entertainment.

Once they were finally rescued frontman Wil Wagner treated himself to a joint and a beer.

It’s been a pretty huge tour for the band so far. In Brisbane, Wagner gave a mega fan his guitar in an emotional exchange that warmed everyone’s hearts.

Next they head off to Germany.

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News: BMI Supports ‘Making Awesome Tracks’ A Two-Day Music Production Seminar – July 22 & 23 – Apply Now

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BMI is proud to support its producer, songwriter, and artists members at Song Arts Academy’s two-day Pro Music Production Seminar, “Making Awesome Tracks,” led by producers Jon Buscema, Pablo San Martin, and Billy Seidman.

Learn the contemporary studio production techniques (On Logic, Pro Tools & Ableton) that will get the industry to notice and care about your music. Create records that will get you attention, cut through the noise, and build your career.

Day one kicks off 11 a.m.- 6 p.m. at the Manhattan Center’s Cabin Studio (Neve VR flying fader console), with Jon and Pablo making deep dive presentations of their production and mixing skill sets.

Day two runs 11 a.m.- 7 p.m. at Song Arts facility, where participants will break into teams to individually build tracks utilizing the skills learned on day one of the seminar, with Jon, Pablo and Billy offering hands-on input, guidance, and suggestions.

The cost for the two-day, 15-hour seminar is $335.00. The seminar is limited to 15 producers, and is expected to fill up fast. Producers are encouraged to apply ASAP to secure their spot. For specific details of the seminar’s focus presented at the seminar and to apply, visit: