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“Hit the Signals” is a melody by American strap Selena Gomez & the Arena, extracted from their third and last studio record When sunlight FALLS (2011). The melody was compiled by Leah Haywood, Daniel Wayne and Tony Nilsson, while development of the track was managed by Haywood and Wayne under their creation name Dreamlab. Musically, “Hit the Lamps” is a synth-pop and teenage pop songs. Lyrically, the music speaks about surviving in as soon as and taking chances. A global remixes EP premiered on January 20, 2012 for the song’s solo release. It officially impacted Top 40/Mainstream radio in the U.S. on Apr 10, 2012. It had been the 3rd and final solitary from the record, as well as the ultimate solo released by the group up to now. It had been also the one solo released by the group that was excluded from Selena Gomez’s 2014 compilation recording For You.

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