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Cancer fundraising appeal for Delays’ Greg Gilbert

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The fiancée of Delays singer and guitarist Greg Gilbert (second from left) has launched a fundraising appeal to help cover the costs of the life-saving medical treatment he needs for his advanced cancer.

Late last year Gilbert was diagnosed with stage four bowel cancer and told it has spread to his lungs. Although the NHS are able to provide him with a 12-week course of chemotherapy, which ends mid-March, doctors are unable to remove the primary tumour in his bowel.

He is also genetically incompatible with medications currently available through the NHS and urgently needs access to expensive private treatment in order to survive.

These drugs, including an immunotherapy medication called Avastin, will cost in excess of £250,000.

His fiancée Stacey Heale is now appealing to Delays fans and the wider music industry to help save Gilbert’s life.

She said: ‘I know Greg will not mean the same to you as he does to me but I know his music and art have touched people all over the world.

‘He has so much left to give – Delays have new songs that they want to release and tour, he has sketchbooks filling our home with ideas for drawings and paintings and of course, we have two baby girls who absolutely adore him. We desperately need him to be here to watch them grow up.’

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