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European Parliament supports proposals for a new EU music fund

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The European Parliament has come out in favour of Music Moves Europe, an initiative to help fund and develop music creation across the continent.

During a Creative Industries Intergroup session last week, the parliament discussed the scheme, paving the way for a music sector funding programme by 2021.

MEP Christian Ehler opened the event, underlining a joint effort by EU institutions to agree and outline directions they should take. ‘This is the right time to push music forward for the new generations’ he said.

While the European music industry currently generates 1.2 million jobs, the sector has ‘untapped potential’ that can be unlocked through ‘a tailor made funding programme at EU level’, the parliament agreed.

Matthieu Philibert, from independent music association IMPALA, who was at the meeting, said: ‘The music sector is the canary in the coal mine. It was the first to be impacted by the digital shift but also the first one to adapt.

‘Right now the music sector is under financed and a dedicated support would give the industry a welcome boost.’

Music Moves Europe is a framework for the European Commission’s initiatives and actions in support of the European music sector. It started in late 2015 with meetings with key music stakeholders to identify the main challenges facing the sector, the results of which can be found in the AB Music Working Group report.

The report revealed the need to support music creation, promote musical diversity and to explore the opportunities offered by music online and offline distribution more effectively.

The Commission said its ultimate goal is to strengthen the EU’s political and financial support for the sector. Read more about Music Moves Europe.


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