The Hit Songwriting Formula

A cutting edge fast track to writing great songs




Q: What exactly is The Hit SongWriting Formula?

A:  The Hit Songwriting Formula is the only power packed songwriting course that defines a complete approach to writing great songs with catchy lyrics and melodies that have the ability to get people singing, humming, and moving.

Q:  You guys have never had a hit song on the charts, so how can you teach me anything about writing hit songs?

A:  Great question!  First and foremost every songwriter that has ever written a song that became a No. 1 hit knows that same song started out as a great song.  As a songwriter, your goal as well as mine is to write great songs that have hit song potential.  No one writes hit songs, hit songs are a result of a great song being passed through the right publishing, marketing, promotion, airplay and charting channels to eventually become hits.  With over 50 combined years of songwriting and production experience, we can say that this successful formula of writing great songs has been tried, tested and proven by the ears, hearts and minds of many.  Hope that helps!

Q:  What does the course entail?  Do i have to sit through hours of boring theories of songwriting?

A:  The Hit Songwriting Formula is has been dubbed a crash course in writing songs that have “HIT” potential.  Each of the 37 videos are short and to the point, getting you to where you need to be in a short space of time – and that is writing great songs.

Q:  How fast will it take me to start writing great songs with hit potential?

A:  That depends on the individual. Some people have caught on immediately and started seeing an improvement in their songwriting right away; others have taken longer based on their availability to write during their spare time. Everyone has a different timetable.

Q:  I write poetry, will i be able to turn my poems into songs using the hit songwriting formula?

A:  The course is designed to help anyone become a songwriter, and if you already write songs or poetry, it will help you write more fluently.

Q:  I’m a singer/songwriter and I usually get stuck writing catchy hooks, will your course help someone like me?

A:  Yes, the course specifically addresses obstacles such as writers block, and how to handle it. There are also techniques in the course that will assist you in writing a chorus/hook.

Q:  Does your course cover music theory?

A:  Unfortunately not.  This course is about tailoring the art and craft of songwriting with the individual songwriter involved.

Q:  How often should i be writing in order to feel that my songs have reached that “great song” stage?

A:   That’s a personal decision based on your desire as a writer.  There are no set rules when you love what you do.  It may not be in your schedule to write every day or even your best interest, but we will say that you should write as often as possible if you endeavor to be successful.  Taking this course will aid you in doing just that.

Q:  I’m not happy with my writing skills and i really need help in getting to the next level, can your course help me?

A:  We believe that anyone can benefit by using these techniques, and eventually get you to the next level.

Q:   I need help in properly structuring my songs.  Will your course give me the confidence I need to write better songs?

A:   Song structure is thoroughly explained in this course, and combined with the other learning tools, makes an excellent songwriting foundation. We hope you will be more confident about writing great songs once your skill level increases.