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Jo Dipple steps down as UK Music CEO

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Jo Dipple has officially stepped down as chief executive officer (CEO) of UK Music after almost nine years at the organisation.

Jo announced her intention to step down earlier this year and Michael Dugher has been appointed as her successor. He started work on 15 May.

Her achievements have included the UK Music’s campaign to stop the government cutting BBC Music Services (#LetItBeeb), a successful judicial review of copyright legislation as well as the launch of the Wish You Were Here and Measuring Music reports to examine the economic impact of the industry.

Additionally she has pioneered a live music act, established the UK Music Skills Academy and created around 70 apprenticeship opportunities within the sector to broaden skills and give young people a career.

Many figures from the industry have praised Jo’s work and have spoken warmly about her contributions in the latest edition of Music Week.

Robert Ashcroft, PRS for Music chief executive, said Jo had ‘built a credible and trusted body, truly representing the industry and uniting the various members under common goals.

‘As CEO, Jo was truly gifted in her ability to bring together politics and music and help the two understand each other better.’

BPI chief executive Geoff Taylor said she had helped the wider industry to find common positions on key issues and continually pressing Government to recognise the contribution that music makes to British culture and the economy’.

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