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MMF and Music Support launch mental health guide at TGE

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The Music Managers Forum (MMF) and Music Support have used The Great Escape (TGE) platform to launch their Music Managers Guide to Mental Health.

The free publication aims to provide music managers with information and advice to better protect their own mental health, as well as the wellbeing of their clients, including artists, producers and songwriters.

It includes information, first-hand accounts from leading managers and links to further reading, and was produced with support from Help Musicians UK.

The booklet focuses on anxiety and depression, alcoholism and drug addiction, and work balance and boundaries. It can be downloaded for free here.

Speaking at the launch in Brighton last week, Fiona McGugan, MMF general manager, said: ‘The modern music business is a rewarding environment in which to work, but it is no secret that it can also be tough and isolating – and particularly so for managers. Our members frequently play an all-encompassing role, and must protect their client’s emotional, mental and physical state as passionately as their business interests.

‘At times this is a 24-hour role and, combined with our “always on” digital culture, it is quite easy for such support to become stretched to breaking point. If that occurs, it is vital that artist managers can turn to someone in confidence, whether that’s the MMF as their trade body, Music Support, Help Musicians or a medical professional.

‘All this information is provided in our guide, as well as advice from managers with first-hand experience of dealing with mental health problems and addiction. We hope it will make a positive contribution to tackling this important issue and the development of preventative strategies that will benefit all in the wider music business.’


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