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A detailed video crash course in writing great songs has emerged. Songwriters and poets can now structure their material as chart topping hit songs. The Hit Songwriting Formula was created and developed by Jae London and Darryl Ray - an independent songwriting/producing team with over 50 combined years of experience. All levels of songwriting are covered from beginner to pro, touching various subjects and methods. From start to finish the course teaches a winning formula that’s broken down into elements of short and easy to follow lessons.

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Ep.47 Songwriting, Success and Pouring Out Your Heart w/Luke Wade

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Luke Wade is a singer, songwriter and passionate man. Luke and I met a three years ago through our mutual friend Chris Hawkes and we played some gigs together. I’ve always admired Luke’s passion for songwriting and the way he pours himself into his music. He’s one of the most expressive performers I know.


Creating a Multitude of Emotions Through Imagery

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Simplicity in the writing of lyrics is a key part of making a powerful connection to a listener. But simplicity is not equivalent to being humdrum. On the contrary, a simple lyric — one that uses common, everyday words and phrases, should make use of poetic devices that engage the listener.

Imagery is a powerful …

S.A.C. Challenge – Week 6 – Choice No. 2 – Issued by Vincent Degiorgio – Write a Holiday Hit

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Vince DegiorgioVincent Degiorgio is a multi million selling songwriter who owns a…

Azealia Banks takes on 14-year-old Disney star in new Twitter feud

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Outspoken rapper turns on teenager with inappropriate sexual references and attacks on her mother….

Write an edgy country pop song – Week 4 Challenge – Feedback from Ron Irving

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countrymusicHere is feedback for Week 4 of the 2015</strong…