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Radio continues to play key role in music discovery, say experts

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Radio continues to play a key role in music discovery, a panel of music industry experts at The Great Escape has said.

The panel, led by CMU’s Chris Cooke and featuring 7Digital’s Pete Downton and BBC Radio 1 producer Kate Holder, were responding to the session’s title, Will It Be Streams That Kill The Radio Star? as part of The Great Escape 2017 conference.

Commenting, Pete said: ‘Streaming and radio stations are competitors in that you’ve only got so many hours in the day to listen to music. But with the likes of Spotify, their current offering is so different to radio that it’s a little early to say they are the competing.’

‘Radio is the music, plus the stories behind the music – so currently it offers a completely different experience,’ he explained.

Kate Holder added: ‘In terms of time, streaming is a competitor but in other ways they are complementary – people might discover artists via radio, then go and discover more about them using streaming services.’

Chris Cooke opened the session, commenting that radio initially became his obsession as it was the best way to learn about new music.

He said that it’s only now that the medium of radio is facing similar challenges to physical music and downloads.

Chris explained: ‘The radio sector is facing some big challenges, but a little bit later than everyone else. It took a while for the internet to reach the bathroom, the kitchen and the car, the big three listening places for music, meaning that, to a certain extent, that medium has been protected.’

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