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The Benefits Of Collaboration For Songwriters

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Written by: Christopher Smith

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When I think of songwriting. I think of Creativity. Words, Experiences, Storytelling, A good catchy melody over a good beat.

Collaboration is beneficial for songwriters for a number of reasons.

#1 You increase your chances for the song being successful. If you look at the songs in the charts at the moment, you’ll notice that 99% if not all of them are collaborations. Each collaborator you work with has their own network, friend circles, previous collaborations, the motivation for success. If each person is happy with the final demo, then they will work just as hard as you to get it heard, noticed, published etc. Because it’s in their best interest to, also.

#2 You have access to your collaborator’s life, experiences, thoughts, ups, and downs. This can make your songs more relatable.

#3 You can bring your strengths to the process and allow the other person to bring their own. If you’re a top-liner and are good at melodies then you can leave space for the others to use their strengths. (Instruments, production etc.)

#4 You don’t have time or room to be self-critical, objective or a perfectionist. In a collaborative setting, writing sessions usually have a limit of 2-3 hours before it starts to get monotonous and boring.

#5 It’s fun, you might just enjoy it. Please don’t forget songwriting is a creative process and should be enjoyed, especially in a collaborative setting. Open a bottle of wine, or buy some beers or cakes to the session. It’ll help to break the ice and remind you to keep the fun element about things. Coffee is good too. Checkout our top pointers on growing as a songwriter here.

Extra Tip 1- Change your setting…

I dare you to write somewhere different, a change of scenery is good for creativity, and being outside with fresh air is better than being restricted by the 4 walls of the studio.

Extra Tip 2. – Splits.

Splits are something that is important to every songwriter but is sometimes fearful to be discussed. My advice is to remove the elephant in the room from the beginning. Enter the collaboration with a blank/template of a contract so that you only need to fill out names and percentages, or send it in an email after. An easy way to do this is to split everything equally between the people in the session. This eliminates all anxieties about not being paid enough for your contribution. Another way is to discuss it before you even meet, (planning stages) for example in an email, text or call.

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