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You’re about to find out how you can benefit from leveraging a simple, yet power packed video based songwriting course.  This course is helping thousands of songwriters like you become more aware of the art and craft of songwriting.

It is so easy that literally anyone can now use it to begin to write songs that contain the exact elements of chart topping hit songs in practically no time at all.

It’s Not Been Easy At All To Write Songs With Hit Potential

…But Not Anymore!

Have You Hit Any Of These Roadblocks?

  • In spite of your desires, you feel that your songwriting skills could be so much more better.
  • Trying to write songs that have hit potential seems to be elusive and you just want know the best method.
  • You constantly struggle from time to time to find subjects to write about.
  • You have trouble with melodies and lyrics.
  • You get stuck very often when writing the next verse

We Have The Solution!


The creators of The hit songwriting formula – Jae London and Darryl Ray, are an independent songwriting and production team that have worked together writing, co-writing and producing for over 50 combined years (from the early 80’s).  “We have worked exceedingly hard over the duration perfecting the art and craft of songwriting”.

Through years of creative growth, we collectively developed a successful formula of writing great songs comparable to those played on commercial radio stations.   This formula consists of several innovative ways to captivate your audience.  Writing lyrics that connect to the listener intimately is a key element in writing great songs. These topics along with many more are taught in this course.

By following this successful formula that we’ve been using for many years to write potentially “Hit” songs, you will gain the ability to become much more improved at songwriting in a shorter space of time.

Introducing: The Hit Songwriting Formula!

A Cutting Edge Fast Track To Writing Great Songs:

  • A step by step guided formula of writing great songs – By following these simple steps, your songwriting skills will become better and better each day.
  • Discover how to properly structure your songs – Your songs will become more commercially viable.
  • Discover the N.A.T. formula, helping you to totally wipe out “writers block” and flow like a pro.
  • Discover new ways of getting and staying creative and also find out the difference between a Song, a Great Song, and a Hit Song.


The Hit Songwriting Formula is such a game changer and as a crash course you’ll soon see results just by following each of the short and simple topics involved.  There is practically no learning curve, simply follow each of the 37 short videos in your own time and at your own pace.








“Just check it out and you’ll know what I mean.”

Hey, I used to say that song writing was kind of tough, and that I wish I had some kind of system to make writing a little bit easier. Well dude, The Hit Songwriting Formula is that system! I mean I love it, and you will too. Just check it out and you’ll know what I mean.       R. Stevinson



The Hit Songwriting Formula

“Thanks guys”

Listen, I am a devoted poet, and my partner encouraged me to try to make some money with my lyrics by converting them into songs. Needless to say, The Hit Songwriting Formula as shown me how to do just that. Thanks guys!         S. Williams



The Hit Songwriting Formula

“A truly great product.”

The Hit Songwriting Formula accelerated my ability to write great songs and deliver them on time.  Being in the songwriting industry I know it can get very competitive, but now I can finally keep up. A truly great product.        R. Murphy



The Hit Songwriting Formula

“It really up’ed my game.”

Respect. I’ve known Jae personally for a number of years, and being a fellow producer I’ve always wondered how he operated when he came up with his material. I’m glad he let the cat out of the bag on this one because this formula is tight. It really up’ed my game.          B. Mathews


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