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YouTube’s music stars make more money outside the platform, says TGE panelist

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YouTube is a starting point for the platform’s music stars with the majority using it as a way of embracing other revenue streams, a panelist at the Great Escape conference has said.

Cliff Fluet, Lewis Silkin lawyer, made the comments as part of a panel, exploring the future of YouTube and the industry emerging alongside it.

Commenting, he said: ‘Let’s talk where the money flows – there’s a lot of emphasis with YouTube stars, particularly those from the music industry, that the majority of their money comes from YouTube.

‘The truth is it doesn’t. Now some of these people are among the biggest authors, the biggest sellers of merchandise, some of the biggest reps with brands – YouTube is a starting platform with regards to the amount of non-cross collateral income they can make.’

At the same time, he went on to say that it can be a challenge for these new YouTube stars to take their music from online and into different areas.

‘YouTube artists are not classically talented,’ Cliff explained. ‘They haven’t had the chance to tour or develop stage craft. There’s been too many live events which haven’t worked. The trick is to create a context for them to thrive.’

YouTube and video content were part of a strand dedicated to the platform at the event.

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